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Vale Jason Zavoda & Michael Raper

Jason Zavoda passed away on 22 December 2021. He was a valued member of the Greyhawk online community, and contributed extensively to the CanonFire! web site. He participated regularly in Discord discussions, especially voice chats. He featured as a guest on Jay “Lord Gosumba” Scott’s Legends & Lore Twitch show several times. However; this was…

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Greycast – Radio Free Nyrond

The Greycast podcast (linked on the Resources List page here already) dropped overnight (my time) with episode 12 – featuring extra added Artharn the Cleric. Yeah that’s right, little old Aussie me was talking Greyhawk with Wily Hobbit and Matteus. The chat was actually recorded on Zoom (so we got to see each other’s faces)…

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Postcards of the Flanaess

The Postcards of the Flanaess project on CanonFire! Is finally finished and published, about 18 months after it started. It is a great resource for people new to Greyhawk, giving a summary of each realm or land and outlining adventure opportunities. It’s also a good refresher for old fans of the setting returning. I got…

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