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SydCon 2022

I haven’t been to a SydCon in Sydney for about thirty years but it holds fond memories for me. It didn’t happen during COVID but they are running it this year on the October long weekend (Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd) at a smaller venue for this year in North Ryde. The web page hasn’t…

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The Knights of the Eventide

Gary Holian on CanonFire! evilly proposed people post ideas for Greyhawk adventures etc for Gary Gygax Day (27 July). So here was what I came up with that was already bouncing around in my brain … The Knights of the Eventide. The Knights are a minor military order of Nyrond. The Eventide is the stretch…

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Virtual Greyhawk Con 3

A reminder that Registration and DM Event Submissions are OPEN! Virtual Greyhawk Con is on September 30th to October 2nd 2022. Registration is handled on the TTE Site (linked below, nominal $5 fee to cover site costs). There are already 25+ approved Events including: * Multiple games run by our Sponsor, Troll Lord Games, with…

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