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Greyhawk …

The original Dungeons & Dragons world created by Gary Gygax

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Sydney RPG Conventions

EyeCon has just finished but it is worth noting some conventions for the rest of the year in or out of Sydney. 1-2 July 2023 – PaizoCon South Pacific: a weekend of horror (fantasy and scifi!) at the historic QStation – Manly (a ‘Paizo’ focused con – Pathfinder & Starfinder, but they have some flexibility)(PFS/SFS…

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“New” Len Lakofka Modules

Len Lakofka sadly passed away in 2020, but he left behind an archive of material that a dedicated group of people have been working to make available to the Greyhawk community based mainly in the CanonFire! Web site group. Troy “Cannibaal” Alleman took the lead, with the help of a rapscallion bunch of adventurers, and…

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Greycast “Regular”, and The Pomarj …

Well the latest episode of the Greycast podcast dropped this week, and the topic was “The Pomarj”. Co-host “WilyHobbit” was unable to be there, but I got to talk with regular co-host “Matteus” about this great and classic part of the Greyhawk setting! This is what happens when you hang around on the Discords! Matteus…

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