Postcards of the Flanaess

The Postcards of the Flanaess project on CanonFire! Is finally finished and published, about 18 months after it started. It is a great resource for people new to Greyhawk, giving a summary of each realm or land and outlining adventure opportunities. It’s also a good refresher for old fans of the setting returning.

I got involved in this last year soon after becoming interested in Greyhawk again, and joining the CanonFire Discord. I ended up doing four postcards – The Pomarj, Tusmit, Idee and the Sea of Dust. Only the Pomarj was familiar to me, and the others I had to go research.

It’s a 145 page or so document now written by various of the Greyhawk lovers on the CanonFire and Greyhawk Online Discords. It also shows that the Greyhawk community can produce some great material together, and will continue to.

The book can be accessed on the CanonFire! web site but the direct link is also provided here:


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